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ive been watching this community for a while, but havent posted. i thought i would end the lack of....well, stuff happening. ive had sideburns for a long time, but i just grew my first actual beard. i think it is pretty sheisty, but i wanted to hear what you guys think.

and since you people know beards and their intense relationship with people much better than i do, what kind of facial hair would you think would fit my face the best?
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mmm hair. it's very nice.
i can't really see well what would fit, the angles on these pictures are... well... strange. but what you have going is quite good - perhaps let it grow a bit further up your chin?
it's a little low on the face. i had that problem, but i gradually brought it up. i'll try to post a pic if i can find one or get around to it
i love it..very hott.. just a lil farther up on the chin.. im not too big of a fan of hair on the bottom of thr chin area...but the sideburns are be-a-utiful!