Wheres your god now? (thecreatortime) wrote in facial_hair,
Wheres your god now?

I'm a new member, and i just made a change. I trimmed for work, i'm getting promoted from bus-boy to waiter so i had to trim up a bit. I would like to know what everyone thinks.

Thanks yall
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by the by my icon is me from like 3 years ago for holloween, i shaved everything to be mr. clean

Deleted comment

thanks man
All about the massive chin-strap... looks good.
lookin' snappy. :D
dude, you look like hyde off of that 70s show. kickass.
i agree 100%
haha thanks, but now the hair is mostly all gone, but the beard is much cooler looking. it forks into 2 parts and goes down a few more inches